Dentist in Independence, MO

Have missing teeth? Dr. Robert N. Hanson and Dr. Steve Blum offer dentures in Independence, Missouri. This custom oral appliance is tailored to your mouth for an excellent fit and helps restore your smile. Give Hanson Dentistry a call at 816-373-5606 and schedule an appointment with our dentists and team to learn more about our services and care.

Dentures are a time-tested restoration option for patients missing multiple, or all, the teeth in a single dental arch. These oral appliances, consisting of a set of prosthetic replacement teeth, can help return the function and beauty to your smile. Depending on how many teeth need to be replaced, our dentists will recommend one of the two available denture options:

  • Partial dentures — If you have health teeth remaining in the dental arch that is being restored, partial dentures can fill the spaces between your natural teeth to complete your smile. Partial dentures are often secured into place with a thin metal framework of clasps attached to your remaining teeth.
  • Complete dentures — If you are missing all of the natural teeth in a single arch, complete dentures can replace that full top or bottom arch. These dentures are often held in positions with a dental adhesive provided by our team.

Regardless of the restoration you choose for your smile, our dentists will make sure your denture is designed with your specific needs and comfort in mine. After taking an impression of your mouth and using it to design an appliance that will then be created in a dental lab, our team will meet with you to make sure your new restoration fits your smile comfortably and blends in with your mouth’s natural contours.

To learn more about dentures and find out if they are right for your restorative needs, plan your consultation with our dentists today.

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