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Experienced Oral Surgeon

Preventive dental care and basic treatments can go a long way in maintaining your overall oral health, but sometimes general dentistry services aren't enough. If you have an unresolved issue that requires extensive treatment, it may be time to contact an oral surgeon. In addition to general dental care, Hanson Dentistry provides surgical treatments for patients in need.

When to See an Oral Surgeon

Your dentist can help you determine if oral surgery may be a good option. The following are some of the common conditions that require surgical intervention:

  •  Extractions: When teeth haven't fully erupted, are broken at the base, or are surrounded by infected gum tissue, they often require surgery for complete removal. The most common tooth extraction procedure is wisdom tooth removal.
  •  TMJ disorder: Some patients experience severe issues with their temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that cannot be resolved with basic treatments,   making them candidates for oral surgery.
  •  Dental implants: When a tooth is missing, an oral surgeon can insert an implant into the gum and attach a crown for a permanent replacement.
  •  Cancer treatment: Certain cancers require oral surgery for the removal of tumors and lesions.
  •  Sleep apnea: In severe cases of sleep apnea, oral surgeons can surgically adjust nasal passages and airways to help the patient breathe more easily.

Oral Surgery Services

At Hanson Dentistry, we offer solutions for a wide range of dental concerns. Whether you want to address sleep apnea or TMJ disorder or you're interested in a cosmetic procedure, such as dental implants or implant restoration, we can perform oral surgery to help redeem the issue.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Hanson provides patients of all ages with quality, comfortable dental care. If you think you may need to see an oral surgeon, contact Hanson Dentistry today at 816-373-5606 to schedule your appointment.