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Schedule a Smile Makeover

At Hanson Dentistry, we want our patients to have a beautiful smile so they can look and feel their best. With our smile makeover program, you can choose from several cosmetic services to create a plan that will help you reach your aesthetic goals.

What Is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a comprehensive program that's based on your dental needs and desired treatment goals. Patients can create a makeover designed to straighten teeth, fix damage such as chipped or cracked teeth, create a whiter smile, replace missing teeth, and more.

Which Services Are Included?

When you opt for a smile makeover with Hanson Dentistry, we'll help you uncover the smile you've always wanted. Some of our most popular cosmetic dentistry services include the following:

  • Teeth whitening, including both in-office services and take-home bleaching treatments that are safe and effective
  • Partial and full bridges and dentures to replace sections of missing teeth 
  • Porcelain crowns to repair damaged or broken teeth that can be created and bonded to teeth on the same day 
  • Dental implants, a permanent alternative to dentures
  • Lumineers and porcelain veneers, which repair damaged or stained teeth with a permanent layer that increases the strength and stability of your smile while improving its appearance

At Hanson Dentistry, we combine the personalized attention and family atmosphere of a community practice with the latest advancements in dental technology, equipment, and treatments. If you're concerned about the appearance of your smile, schedule a consultation at our office in Independence today by calling 816-373-5606 or contacting us online.